Control and Automation

This workshop aims to illustrate the control systems starting from the classic control and how we use it to control 3-phase motors, then the automation using PLC and finally we will explain building management and automation using KNX system.

In this workshop we will learn how to use and program PLC to make several tasks such as opening doors automatically at human presence, manage car parking space, turn on electric stairs at human presence and sending an alarm in case of leakage at water tanks then we will learn how to use KNX systems in building automation systems such as fire system, security system, access, lighting, lifts, HVAC and 24/7 monitoring.

Topics Outlines:

  • Classic control & control systems
  • Power circuit VS control circuit
  • EKTS simulation software
  • .components, scan cycle
  • Programming techniques (ladder diagram-statement list- function block diagram…etc.)
  • Communication protocols & communication interfaces.
  • Definition of PII & PIQ
  • Definition of HMI and SCADA system.
  • Introduction to wincc flexible software.
  • .. components, addressing, communication medias
  • ETS5 software for building management & automation.