Basic Electronics

Basic Electronics Workshop

a. Description: This course introduces the Analysis of Electric
circuits, characteristics, physics and applications of semiconductor
devices and circuits. Emphasis is placed on analysis, selection,
biasing, and applications. Upon completion, students should be
able to construct, analyze, verify, and troubleshoot analog circuits
using appropriate techniques and projects.

b. Topics:
       -Circuit components
       -Basic definitions and laws.
       -Circuit topologies.
       -Capacitors/ Inductors.
       -Time/Frequency domain.
       -Solving AC/DC circuits.
       -Analog and digital signals.
       -Half-Wave and Full-Wave Rectifiers.
       -Voltage Regulation.
       -Limiting Circuits.
       -Bipolar Transistors
       -DC and small signal analysis.
       -Structure & Operation of MOSFET
       -CMOS Technology

c. Target: for Beginners (Highschool students, Freshmen, and