Leadership Positions

IEEE CUSB is not just a team that provides knowledge, it’s a complete board full of components that will light together. Wanna join our board to light up? Well we’re literally connecting our board of MANAGERS & HEADS 👨‍💼👩‍💼 We are looking for someone who is truly exceptional to join our electronic board as each component plays an essential role. Our connecting won’t function properly if they don’t perform well. Stay tuned, and choose which component would you like to light, our Board won’t be connected without you! ⚡



  • Responsible for supervising Marketing, Media, Magazine & AC committees, and podcast
  • Keep the branding image of IEEE CUSB
  • Coordinating between the section committees
  • Report & Keep up with the performance of the branding members & activities
  • Manage HR and Training & Development Committee.
  • Supervising IEEE’ members and Maintain Quality Control process.
  • Maintaining IEEE CUSB performance in all committees.
  • Analyze all Reports came from HR and give guidance to the team under the direct of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

Quality Control


  • Manage all Technical committees ( AI – Power – Electronics – Embedded – Biomedical – Computer – Network)
  • Supervising all Technical sessions.
  • Keep the Technical content up to date.
  • Leading our team in competitions.



  • Enhance the Branch Mobile APP.
  • Can make a new app from scratch.
  • Leading the volunteers and guiding them to advance their skills.
  • Breaking tasks into smaller doable tasks and assigning them to the volunteering members.
  • Putting a suitable acceptance criterion for the candidates.
  • Leading the fundraising team through the whole season to provide the branch with the required funds.
  • Updating the branch database with up-to-date contacts.
  • Making the required deals with the required partners.
  • Improving the branch relations with the market companies.

financial resources

Human Resources

  • Responsible for anything related to interviews from A-Z.
  • Supervising HR members to Raise members’ spirit, evaluate and
    motivate IEEE-CUSB’s members in each committee.
  • Monitoring members’ performance and documenting the rate of development of members’ skills.
  • Attending all High board meetings and documenting their minutes.
  • Documenting current problems and expected problems facing every committee/workshop.
  • Creating branches’ database through the participants/members at each event, session, meeting and workshop held by IEEE-CUSB.
  • Creating an evaluation system to IEEE CUSB.
  • Enhance the Branch website and add new features.
  • Know Node.js (additional WordPress).
  • Leading the volunteers and guiding them to advance their skills.
  • Breaking tasks into smaller doable tasks and assigning them to the volunteering members.
  • Putting a suitable acceptance criterion for the candidates.


Magazine & AC

  • Writing articles of the magazine, and press releases for our events.
  • Writing articles about the branch activity to be published in region 8 magazines.
  • Record more new podcasts.
  • Interviewing public figures.
  • Building an interactive blog and writing articles and posts on the branch’s Facebook page and website.
  • Writing descriptions of events and competitions.
  • Brainstorming for developing the magazine content.
  • Writing new content to be posted on social media platforms
  • Preparing and executing marketing plans needed for all projects.
  • Managing IEEE CUSB’s accounts and pages through different
    channels of social media.
  • Promoting IEEE CUSB’s events online through different channels of social media.
  • Carries out online campaigns that serve our vision.
  • Knowing audience needs through online surveys and questionnaires.



  • Providing all the needed designs for events, sessions, Facebook page, magazines, and online articles.
  • Video editors.
  • Designing posters, banners, roll-ups, name tags, logos, T-Shirts, and any needed publication tools for events and sessions.
  • Providing photographic and video coverage for our events, sessions, and projects.
  • Making all the required videos for the branch.
  • Leading the OC team through the whole season.
  • Responsible for any logistical work related to any event and session.
  • Building and decorating our information desks and Booth.
  • Preparing giveaways if needed.
  • Organizing and serving the catering.
  • Getting places in which our activities will be held ready.
  • Printing pins, posters, banners, brochures and any other
    needed materials.
  • Participating in getting the benefit package ready.

Organising Committee


  • Leading the public relations team through the whole season.
  • Getting the needed approvals for all our events and meetings.
  • Making agreements with the required places in which our activities can be held.
  • Improving the branch relations with the other branches.
  • Contacting needed public speakers and professional trainers.
  • Facilitating communications with people outside CUFE.
  • Providing the required media coverage for our events.
  • Preserving and enhancing IEEE CUSB image.

Directorates heads are required to put the main
guidelines for a specific number of sessions, they are also
required to prepare projects and hold the interviews for the
moderators -Candidate Instructors- and put the suitable
acceptance criteria. They also should follow up with the
process of rehearsals and finally provide a plan to make sure
participants are able to follow up with the practical work
either with hardware or software.

Technical Directorates Include:

  1. AI
  2. Biomedical
  3. Computer
  4. Electronics
  5. Embedded
  6. Power
  7. Network


Training & Development

  • Making good plans and having leadership and commutation skills
    in order to mentor the coaching committee members.
  • Responsible for recruiting the coaching members.
  • Leading the coaching members to prepare all the sessions for
    workshops and revise their presentations and guide them.
  • Being ready for any urgently needed soft skills sessions.
  • Providing public events to aware students of soft skills
  • Guiding technical workshops moderators in rehearsal sessions.