Machine Learning

a. Description: You will get a strong foundation in machine learning with its
different techniques and best practices, then we will focus on a certain
aspect of machine learning which is deep learning.
b. Topics:
       i. Level 1:
               – Data and Data preparation
               – Regression
               – Classification
               – Clustering
               – Algorithm Optimization

ii. Level 2:
               – Neural Networks Basics
               – Deep neural networks
               – Convolutional neural networks
               -Visual Recognition through neural networks

c. Target: The prerequisites for this workshop is a decent mathematical
background including differential equations & linear algebra, and a solid
software background including OOP, data structures, and some basic

d. Why join? You will learn by implementing in the sessions as we will do
mini projects or we will use to make you implement and build
you profile on the Google owned site! You will also get the chance to work
with teams for the web development workshop to apply the ML
techniques you learned on real websites.