PlC & Classic control Workshop


  • Never came into your mind to design your own motor? To control a motor that’s not only operating a robot, but controlling a whole production line!
    And how it’s great to set your own controller with a certain profession and see it working as you have designed it for!
    *So in our practical *PLC and classic control workshop* you’ll learn in the -control- how to:
  • ^Control systems automatically and to control a DC motor.
  • ^Learn about components that you would need in this workshop.
  • ^Learn motor types and their control.

    ^How to software a PLC
    ^Analysis using PLC
    Surely you studied this theoretically in your college curriculum, but in our workshop you’ll get it practically.
    Final project competition hardware circuit design project

The participants will be certified by IEEE by the end of the course.

Final project will be held at the end, and the best team will be rewarded