This workshop takes on the fundamentals, tradeoffs and optimization principles of the subtle art of CMOS transistor-level analog design, employing a practical approach utilizing “Cadence Virtuoso” without lengthy mathematical expressions or rigorous circuit models.

The workshop specifically focuses on the design of CMOS operational amplifiers, the most essential transistor-level blocks in analog circuits and systems.

We also take on the art of analog layout, principles of CMOS IC fabrication, layout rules and analog layout techniques necessary for a successful analog design engineer.


Prerequisites: Know about BJT and MOSFET Transistors


Topics Outlines:

  • Analog vs. Digital design.
  • CMOS Processing technology.
  • Fabrication of active devices (MOSFETS).
  • Layout design rules.
  • Analog layout techniques and matching.
  • Current mirrors.
  • Stability and frequency response.
  • Differential amplifiers.
  • OP-AMP applications.
  • OP-AMP design.
  • Common Mode Feedback.