This workshops aims to take from the start of “Embedded systems” track till reaching some advanced topics.
Core foundations a how to be a Professional embedded software engineer will be highly elaborated. In the first part, we’ll start by the “Arduino board” platform, giving you all the necessary basics needed for developing embedded systems applications and also interfacing with many other devices. Then, we’ll work on the “AVR microcontroller”, discussing all its specifications and interfacing techniques.


Prerequisites: preferred to have some experience in C-Programming or with a programming language in general.


Topics Outlines:

  • Arduino part:
    • Introduction to embedded systems and Arduino.
    • Analog & Digital inputs and outputs.
    • Using LEDs, switches and sensors.
    • Motors (DC Motor, Servo, Stepper).
    • H-Bridge and Motor driver controllers.
    • LCD Interfacing.
    • Keypad Interfacing.
    • Serial Communication.
    • How to connect two or more Arduino boards together.
    • Connect your Arduino via Bluetooth.
    • Different Arduino Shields.
  • AVR part:
    • C programming revision.
    • Bitwise operations.
    • Introduction to AVR microcontroller.
    • Microcontroller architecture.
    • Difference between microcontroller and microprocessor.
    • I/O ports.
    • Timers & Interrupts.
    • Embedded C.
    • Interfacing (Keypad and LCD) with AVR.
    • UART (Serial communication).