Distribution and Protection

This workshop aims to learn how to distribute electricity in a city!

At first we will estimate the load of the city and then calculate the place and the number of the feeder pillars and substations required for supplying the city with electricity.
Secondly, we will calculate the actual loads including lighting, sockets and HVAC. We will discuss indoor and outdoor lighting and we will learn how to design the panels.
Through the workshop we will talk about voltage drop, short circuit calculations, cable sizing and CBs.
We will use different software AutoCAD, Dailux, ETAP.Finally, we will discuss light current systems CCTV and firing system.

Topics Outlines:

  • Types of electrical load, Load estimation and load factors
  • Feeding system and Cable sizing
  • AutoCAD
  • Lighting
  • Sockets, Wiring, CBS and Panel design
  • SC &VD calculations
  • CCTV and Fire alarm system