Pi Window

This workshop aims to guide you how to use the “Raspberry-pi” board using the newly released “Windows IoT core” OS. Step by Step starting by developing basic applications till establishing the advanced ones communicating with other devices and the cloud.

Prerequisites: some experience with C or C# programming

Topics Outlines:

  • Introduction to Embedded systems & IoT.
  • Raspberry-pi’s different operating systems.
  • Windows IoT core
  • Visual C# review (Windows forms/Universal Windows applications)
  • UWP programs for raspberry-pi.
  • Using basic components (LEDs, switches, sensors, motors, relays, LCD, etc.).
  • GPIO Mapping
  • Communication with other devices using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Connecting raspberry-pi with the cloud for IoT.
  • Raspberry-pi communication protocols.
  • Using raspberry-pi with Arduino.
  • Detailed Internet of Things architecture and applications.