This workshop aims to lead you on the marvelous track of mastering “Web development”!

First, you will have a solid foundation in the core technologies of the “Front-end” development starting by putting the first building blocks in your website and decorating it by design and format. You will also learn how to liven things up and make your website interactive with your user and enhance its user-experience “UX”. After that, you will start working on the “Back-end” forming the database-server connection for your website.


Prerequisites: dealt with at least one programming language before


Topics Outlines:

  • Introduction to web development track
  • Front-end section:
    • HTML5, CSS3
    • JavaScript
    • JQuery
    • Crash course on popular Frameworks: “Bootstrap”, “AngularJS”.
  • Back-end section:
    • PHP
    • Databases: MySQL
  • Crash course on popular Frameworks: “Laravel”
  • Case-studies on several famous websites